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Top Safari Experiences in the Vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro

6 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

Top Safari Experiences in the Vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The region surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, situated on the Tanzanian side of the border, ranks among East Africa’s most captivating safari destinations. Offering a plethora of activities, from exploring renowned northern safari parks like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro, to discovering hidden gems such as West Kilimanjaro, Mkomazi, and Lake Natron/Ol Doinyo Lengai, where you can relish a more serene and intimate safari experience.

Regardless of your chosen destination, abundant wildlife sightings await. Yet, beyond the wildlife, the area boasts breathtaking grandeur, with unforgettable moments often found in gazing upon Africa’s most majestic mountains. Many safari tours in Tanzania’s northern region commence from Arusha, making it advisable to arrange accommodation in the city the night before your adventure begins, especially if it’s not already included in your tour package.

  1. Ngorongoro Crater

View of the view Ngorongoro Crater, tanzania

The journey from Moshi to Ngorongoro Crater may be lengthy, but it’s a voyage without complaints. Ngorongoro stands as one of Africa’s most magnificent natural wonders—a realm teeming with wildlife, including lions, elephants, black rhinos, spotted hyenas, flamingos, and much more. Its setting surpasses any other, offering an unparalleled spectacle. Descending into the crater in the gentle, early morning light holds unmatched excitement on Tanzania’s safari itinerary. The blend of panoramic vistas, diverse wildlife, and sheer natural beauty creates an experience to cherish.

Driving time from Moshi: Approximately 5 to 6 hours

Accommodation: The route from the provincial town of Karatu to the Ngorongoro Crater rim boasts an array of exquisite lodges and accommodations, often nestled within the lush forests. The vistas from the tented camps, lodges, and campsites perched atop the rim itself are simply magnificent.

Activities: Game drives, picnics, birdwatching


2.Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park stands as a realm dominated by giants: a sanctuary where majestic elephants and ancient baobab trees reign supreme, casting a soulful presence over your entire stay in this captivating environment. Renowned for its vast array of wildlife, including big cats, herds of zebra, and more, Tarangire also boasts a superb selection of accommodations both within and just outside the park boundaries. Unlike other parks in the Northern safari circuit, Tarangire sees fewer crowds, offering you the chance to enjoy wildlife sightings in solitude. I’ve personally encountered hunting cheetah families and roaming lion prides without another vehicle in sight during my time in Tarangire.

Driving time from Moshi: Approximately 4 to 5 hours

Accommodation: Tarangire offers exceptional lodging options, featuring a selection of lodges and tented camps scattered throughout the park and its surroundings.

Activities: Enjoy exhilarating game drives and immerse yourself in birdwatching adventures.


3.Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara, a short drive from Moshi, stands out as one of Tanzania’s premier parks. It boasts a captivating blend of breathtaking scenery, with the Great Rift escarpment soaring dramatically along its western border, and an impressive array of wildlife. This park holds historical significance as the site of some of the earliest elephant adventures chronicled by renowned expert Iain Douglas-Hamilton, vividly portrayed in Peter Matthiessen’s The Tree Where Man Was Born. Lake Manyara is also renowned for its tree-climbing lions, adding an element of surprise as you may spot them peering down from the branches above. The birdlife here is equally astounding, particularly near the park entrance and along the shores of Lake Manyara.

Driving time from Moshi: Approximately 4 hours

Accommodation: Mto wa Mbu, located near the park entrance, offers a variety of accommodations to suit different budgets. Alternatively, lodging options along the rim of the Great Rift escarpment provide breathtaking views. Within the park, you’ll find a selection of quality accommodations as well.

Activities: Embark on exhilarating game drives, venture on treetop canopy walks, and indulge in birdwatching escapades.

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