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About Kenya

Exploring Kenya goes beyond wildlife and landscapes; it involves engaging with diverse cultures. Respect for local communities is paramount. When capturing moments, always seek permission, especially in rural areas and Mombasa. Carrying a consent form and expressing gratitude with “asante” (thank you) is considered courteous when publishing photos, even on social media.

Exercise particular sensitivity around children and vulnerable individuals. If permitted to take a photo, show it to them afterward. Thoughtful consideration should be given before visiting schools or places where your presence might be unconventional or inappropriate.

Best Time To Visit

December – March
June – October

Popular Routes

South West Safari Circuit
South East Safari Circuit

Time Zone

Universal Time Coordinated / Greenwich Mean Time +3 hours


Jomo Kenyata international Airport (JKIA)

Popular Routes Where Wildlife Viewing Is a Major Part of the Tour Kenya is relatively compact, so you can easily ‘mix and match’ destinations depending on time and interests.
Discover  the available safari route in Kenya


Reasons to Experience a Safari in Kenya.

Whether you’re a first-time safari-goer or a seasoned veteran, Kenya offers an exceptional wildlife experience. While the Masai Mara National Reserve and its surrounding conservancies are renowned for their big cat sightings and the annual wildebeest migration, Kenya boasts a plethora of world-class parks waiting to be explored. Moreover, after your safari adventure, Kenya offers the perfect opportunity to unwind on a relaxing beach holiday.

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Classic safari destination where it pays to be discerning
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Kenya’s stunning landscapes include rainforest, beaches, deserts and mountains, but it’s the first class wildlife watching that keeps so many visitors flocking back.
  • Witness the Great Migration
  • Engage in Authentic Cultural Tours
  • Embark on Spectacular Wildlife Safaris
  • Encounter Gorillas Nearby
  • Explore an Endemic Birders Paradise
  • Enjoy White Sand Beach Vacations.

​National Parks & Game Reserves

  • Amboseli National Park
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Samburu National Reserve
  • Buffalo Springs National Reserve
  • Tsavo East National Park
  • Buffalo Springs Game Reserves
  • Kora National Park

Frequently Asked Questions About kenya

The Great migration happens is a mass movement of thousands and hundreds of wild beasts, zebras and impalas originating from Serengeti Tanzania headed into Masai Mara Kenya in search for fresh grass that sprouts in the Masai Mara National Reserve kenya

In the event of the river crossing and on the borders of Tanzania and Kenya,  crocodiles and predators await to have their preys of very curious Wild beasts, impalas and zebras river crossing.

The wild beast migration happens between June and September when they cross back to Tanzania for the rest of the year.

This phenomenal experience of the wild attracts many travelers around the world and at this time of the year is sought to be the peak season of the year.

Yes, Apparently most tourists visiting Kenya require a Visa which is applied for in advance and online . Here is the official link for the application.

What to wear and what to bring depends on the Weather conditions or time of the year you travel. During the dry seasons opt for light clothing that are breathable when the Weather fluctuates from morning to evenings. Avoid black, dark blue or too white colors as these attract insects or Tsetseflys. The Comouflage colours are also outlawed in kenya so are a no go for packing. Casual wear is probably the best while shorts would be a game changer. Formal dressing is not necessary at all on a Kenya safari.

Carry with you always insect repelant, sun screens, walking shoes, hats, shorts and a rain jacket just in case rain Surprises you.

Here is a more insight on Safari packing List

The Big 5 Safari is the journey through Kenya’s Top destinations to watch the Big 5 Wildlife every traveler must see during the Kenya safari. The Big 5 safari includes in order The Elephants, The Rhinos, The Buffalos, The elusive leopards and the brave lion.

The Big 5 safari would take you through Masai Mara National Reserve or Samburu National reserve, Tsavo west and East National Park for extra ordinary encounters.

Kenya Boosts of the best African safari experience in East Africa. Masai Mara National Reserve is haven for a Kenya safari with chances of seeing the Big 5 like Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos, Leoprads and Lions in Big Numbers. samburu National Reserve in the north of kenya boosts of the north special endemics like the Somali Orstrich, Grevy Zebras, Generuks, Besia oryx.

Amboseli National Park is heaven for the growing number of elephants within the national Park, The shadows of Kilimanjaro, a growing number of cheetahs, Hyenas and much more. The Tsavo west and Tsavo east are heaven for wildlife viewing and a popular place to see the Wilddogs and man eaters (Lions).

Nairobi national park, The chyulyu Hills and many conservancies like the Namunyak Conservancy in northern Kenya, Lewa and laikipia conservancy including solio are a success story for conservation of wildlife in Kenya

Places to visit in Kenya

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo national park is not only the largest national park in Kenya but also the travellers dream when it comes to true African wildlife safari experience. The park is endorsed

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Samburu National Reserve

Located in Northern Kenya, Samburu National Reserve spans 165 square kilometers along the enchanting Ewaso Ng’iro River. This expansive and unspoiled wilderness is celebrated for its unwavering dedication to wildlife

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Nairobi is a modern and bustling city, rich in culture and history, but with fantastic nature and wildlife viewing opportunities only a short distance away. Once nicknamed “Nairobbery,” the city

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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park is located in central Kenya north of the equator and is where the second-highest peak in Africa can found. The different geographical features which include glaciers,

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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru national park is branded as “A beautiful wildlife haven” that lies along the Great Rift valley region. The park is surrounded by the busy wooded grasslands that are

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Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is located in Loitoktok District, Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Amboseli has an endless underground water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro’s

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Our Kenya tour packages

3 Days Masai Mara Safari

3 Days Masai Mara Safari

Your 3 Days Masai Mara Safari in Kenya vacation departs from Nairobi, where you’ll proceed via the Great Rift Valley with its spectacular views and onwards to the beautiful Masai

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4 Days Masai Mara Safari

4 Days Masai Mara Safari

4 Days Masai Mara Safari is your ultimate Masai Mara safari tour that allows you ample time to explore the vast plains of Masai Mara National Reserve.There is a great

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5 Days Kenya Tour

5 Days Kenya Tour

This 5 Days Kenya Tour that takes you to two of Kenya’s best wildlife areas – Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Parks – on thrilling game viewing drives, bird

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6 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

6 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

This Safari takes you through some of Kenya’s most iconic reserves. Witness the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife that make these destinations renowned among nature enthusiast

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