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Akagera National Park

3 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park sites in the eastern province of Rwanda bordering Tanzania and covers an area of about 1,122 sq km which was gazetted in 1934. Akagera National Park got its name from the River Akagera which moves from the eastern province and flows into Lake Ihema known as the largest lake in Rwanda.

The Akagera National Park is located in a low-lying area in savannah plains which has favored the presence of wildlife species which includes topi, elephant, zebra, waterbuck, buffalo, roan antelope, and eland while other antelopes include duiker, oribi, bohor reedbuck, klipspringer, bushbuck, impala, and bushbabies are seen during the night drives, of which primates such as olive baboons, vervets and the secretive blue monkey are observed during the day.

Akagera National Park is a paradise for bird lovers which offers you a unique opportunity to see notable bird species Shoebill, Caruthers Cisticola, White-winged Warbler, Papyrus Canary, Red-faced Barbet, Bennett’s Woodpecker, and home to waters bird species over East Africa.

Game drive

The game drive is the main pulling activity in Akagera National Park which normally takes place in the early morning, evening, and night game drive, all the three-game drives offer you a different test of the park. Such animals you can see during the day include, the Zebras, bushbucks, African swallows, giraffes, Impalas, Topis, elephants, eland, the vervet monkeys, warthogs, baboons, Mongoose, the hippos, the crocodiles and among others whereas the night game drive offers you bush babies, lion, leopards, civets, hyenas among other nocturnal animals. The Park has got the most amazing game drive over Lake Ihema approaches Tanzania which offers you a great experience and scenic view of the mountain.

Bird watching

Bird watching is a great activity within Akagera National Park and is regularly excited by bird lovers. The Park has got different types of bird species which are water birds, forest birds, savannah, and migratory birds of which most of which are endemic to the Park. Other bird species can be seen on Lake Ihema during the boat trip and such birds include African fish eagles, marabou stork, crowned cranes, open-billed stork, cormorants, and herons.

Boat cruise on Lake Ihema

The boat cruise is the most fascinating activity which takes place on Lake Ihema which is known as the largest lake in the Park. The boat trip exposes you to a wide range of bird species include, including African fish eagles, the rare shoebill storks, crowned cranes, marabou storks and also elephants, buffalos which usually gather at the banks of the lake to drink water, you can also spot the school hippos and crocodiles.

Cultural tours

Culture tour in Akagera National Park will give a true definition of Rwandan culture; the tour takes you over the local communities where you will participate in daily activities such as traditional agriculture, cattle rearing, production of local beer, arts, and crafts, basket wave and festivals. The Park management has good terms with local communities which usually perform dance and drama to the guests of the Park at a low cost

Fishing on Lake Shakani in Akagera National Park

Fishing is the most interesting activity which takes place on Lake Shakani and the most caught fish species are tilapia and catfish whereas the most used method include the gill nesting, Spearing and shooting method, Cast net, the Scoop net and among others. One can also come for a campfire, picnic, and campsite along the banks of the Lake. During your visit to Lake Shakani, you take note of hippos which stay in water and crocodile, however, this can’t scare you from fishing since many tourists have done this before and they are still doing it

Best time to visit Akagera National Park

The best time to do such activity in Akagera National Park is in the dry season of June, July, August, and September, December, January, and mid-February is the best time to visit Akagera National Park. Visiting the Park during this season we offer you a great experience to see wildlife animals since they gather on the water source for drinking

Where to stay in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park has a beautiful international standard of accommodation lodges that offers you three daily meals, wines whisky, massage, and sauna and among other amenities. Such lodges give you memorable nights ranging from luxury to budget including, Akagera Game Lodge, Ruzizi Tented Lodge, and Karenge Bush Camp Akagera and among others

How to get there

Akagera national park is located in the North-Eastern region of Rwanda about 110 km from Kigali the capital of Rwanda, which is about a 2 ½ hour drive. The Park is beautiful with lush green scenery and lots of wildlife and birds to see.

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